Travel Frequent Questions

After-Hours Service

What if my flight gets canceled or I have another urgent situation while I am traveling?

For urgent, after-hours assistance please call 1-844-4UVA-CBT (844-488-2228) to reach an agent at CBT's 24-hour assistance line. 

The CBT agent will ask for VIT code P-6LV Monday - Friday after 9pm, and on weekends and holidays.

For URGENT assistance while you are traveling outside of the U.S. Click here for country-specific phone numbers. For international toll-free calls please use a landline or internationally enabled cell phone. These numbers will not work from internal phone services.

Airbnb and other alternative lodging

Can I use Airbnb for University Travel?

T&E cards may not be used to purchase accommodations with Airbnb and similar services such as VRBO or Homeaway, although travelers may personally pay for these reservations and be reimbursed by the University.   

As you may know, hotels and other commercial properties carry insurance that covers their guests in case of injury or property loss. The type of properties offered via Airbnb and similar services vary widely in the type of coverage available for guests (if they offer any at all). Because of this, we do not recommend their use for University business.

We do understand, however, that this option might best suit your needs or the experience you want to have when you travel. There may be occasions where choosing Airbnb might be a less expensive option, or perhaps there are limited accommodations in the area. In those cases, you may pay for these accommodations and submit the cost through ExpenseUVA for reimbursement. However, if you choose to utilize these services, please be aware that you are accepting personal responsibility for any incidents that may occur during your stay.


Is there a CONCUR app for smartphones?

Yes. Visit the App Store or Playstore and search for Concur. Further instructions can be found on our tutorials page.


What if I do not book my own travel?

In Concur Travel, you can select an assistant or arranger to reserve your travel.
1. On the Home travel page, click Profile and then click the Assistants link at the top of the page.
2. Click Add an Assistant to add the person who you would like to authorize to reserve your travel. This person can now update your profile and also make travel arrangements for you.


What is a delegate or a travel assistant?

A delegate/travel assistant is someone that has permission to book travel and update the profile on behalf of the traveler for whom they are a delegate/travel assistant. A traveler can add a user in their profile in TravelUVA/Concur to be their travel assistant. Assistants should always book travel for employees using their Concur profile. Please do not book employees as Guests.

Booking Confirmations

How can I view the itinerary for flights I have already booked?

On the Home travel page, review the Upcoming Trips section. For more detailed information, click the appropriate trip name in the Trip Name/Description column.


Can I access a reservation booked by a CBT agent in Concur?

Agent-made reservations do sync to Concur. They will appear under 'My Trips' and 'Upcoming Trips' on the landing page in Concur.


What type of confirmation do I need at the airport?

The traveler should bring the email itinerary or boarding pass on a smartphone with ticket number information and/or airline record locator. A printed copy of the emailed confirmation from CBT and/ or a boarding pass which can be obtained by doing online check-in usually up to 24 hours prior to flight departure on most airlines' websites will also be accepted. A valid government approved photo identification document such as a driver's license, passport and visa If required, etc. is also required.

Booking Questions

How do I book my travel? 

1. Book Online through TravelUVA

Travelers can book air, rail, hotel, ground transportation and car rentals online. There is NO FEE for booking travel online using the Concur tool supported by CBT and customized for UVA travelers.

All travelers will need to complete a traveler profile before the booking process begins. For help with this process please see Getting Started.


2. Book with a CBT Agent

Call 1-844-4UVA-CBT (1-844-488-2228), Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. EST to speak with a CBT agent or write to

Travel agents are also available to respond to questions and changes that arise during travel, such as flight cancellations.

How can I see more flight options when booking flights out of smaller airports like Charlottesville?

In the Mixed Flight/Train Search box, after selecting the city pairs and dates of travel, deselect the "flights w/ no double connections" box to see flights with double connections.


How do I request a specific flight number if I already know the flights I want?

There is no way to ask for a specific flight number so select the dates and timeframe and select the airline. Then search by schedule and narrow it down that way.


How do I request only non-stop flights?

No such setting exists when you are entering in your departure airport, arrival airport, dates and times, but once you get to the results page/availability screen, you can use the matrix to view only nonstop flights by hovering over and clicking on 'Nonstop' and it will give you just the nonstop flight options.


What if I find a cheaper fare online?

If a lower fare is found on another online source, submit the itinerary to CBT via your travel agent team or the online helpdesk within one (1) hour of the original booking. The lower rate must be available for booking on Concur or other US-based website at the time you contact CBT. The price guarantee is available only for exact itinerary matches -- same air carrier, class of service, identical fare rules and restrictions (including applicable refund, change and cancellation policies), the exact same dates, flight numbers and times of travel for all legs of the trip.  Click here for more details.

CBT offers Fare Checker module

Christopherson Business Travel offers a Fare Checker module which automatically searches every reservation for savings of at least $50 within 24 hours of booking and savings of $300 or higher after the 24 hour void window for domestic tickets and $500 or higher for international tickets.


How do I book a seat assignment?

You can view the seat map when looking at availability, by clicking on the blue seat icon towards the right-side of each flight. Then, once you select the flights, it will automatically assign a seat based on profile preference (aisle or window). On the Travel Details page, you can click on 'change seat', which opens the seat map again and you can update the seat if you prefer something different than what was assigned.


Should I buy refundable or non-refundable airline tickets?

Usually non-refundable airline tickets are recommended. Non-refundable tickets are usually a fraction of the cost of refundable tickets and most non-refundable airline tickets are reusable (with a change fee) in the case of a cancellation. Please keep in mind that airline tickets are non-transferrable and must be used by the same person whose name is on the original ticket. Beware of "Basic Economy" tickets which are completely non-refundable – not reusable – which are strongly discouraged.


If I book a trip with a credit card that I only want to be used one time will that card automatically be saved to the traveler's profile?

Yes! You MUST go back into the traveler's profile and remove the credit card after you have completed the reservation.


What is the maximum number of passengers per booking in Concur?

One. If you have more than one passenger traveling together on the same flight you should utilize the cloning feature. After completing both reservations, it is recommended that you email with both record locators and ask to have the reservations cross-referenced with the airline. This will make the airline aware that you are traveling together in case of schedule changes and other times when they need this information.


Are there booking fees?

There is NO FEE for booking travel online using the Concur tool supported by CBT and customized for UVA travelers.

If you book directly with a CBT agent, the fees are below:

Domestic reservation Includes airfare, rental car, and hotel $24
International reservation Includes airfare, rental car, and hotel, up to two stopovers $33.50
Hotel and/or rental car Without airfare $15
Online booking with agent assistance Additional fee charged when an Agent must assist with an online booking $15
Online exchange with agent assistance when applying an airline credit Additional fee charged when an Agent must assist with an online booking that is applying an airline credit $15


Does CBT have a Lowest Price Guarantee?

Yes! If a lower fare is found on another online source, submit the itinerary to CBT via your travel agent team or the online helpdesk within one (1) hour of the original booking. The lower rate must be available for booking on Concur or another US-based website at the time you contact CBT. The price guarantee is available only for exact itinerary matches -- same air carrier, class of service, identical fare rules and restrictions (including applicable refund, change, and cancellation policies), the exact same dates, flight numbers and times of travel for all legs of the trip. Click here for more details.


How do I cancel a reservation?

To cancel a trip entirely, choose the trip from the 'Trip Library' under the Travel Tab or select the itinerary from the 'My Trips' section on the landing page. On the right-hand side of the page click the 'Cancel Trip' link. You will be given a warning that you are about to cancel the trip. Click 'OK'. You will be given the ticket number for future reference. That number will also be logged in Concur and you will be reminded that there is a travel credit the next time you log in to book travel for that traveler.

*Note: You must cancel air travel prior to the flight departure in order to retain the flight credit. Most airlines will allow you to reuse the credit for up to one year from the date of ticket issuance with a change fee. If you are not able to get to Concur or CBT to cancel the ticket, please do so directly with the airline to retain the credit.

*Note: If you contact the full service travel agency (CBT) to cancel the reservation, the itinerary is not automatically removed from the Upcoming Travel section on the Concur Home travel page.

To remove the canceled itinerary from the Upcoming Travel section:

  1. In the Upcoming Travel section, select the appropriate itinerary
  2. Click Cancel Trip.


How do I change a reservation after it has been booked?

To make changes to a seat assignment or to add a hotel or car reservation to a trip, click the blue trip name in the My Trips section area on the Concur landing page. From there you may use the blue links to navigate through your itinerary. To change your flight itinerary, click on the blue Change link on the right side of the screen. You will be able to 'shop' the change options before you commit to the changes. Occasionally changes will not be authorized in Concur and you will need to contact an agent by calling 800-286-0767 M-F 8am-9pm.

Companion Travel

Can I book travel for my companion in Concur? 

If you are traveling on university business, you may book travel for your companion in Concur. However, companion travel is not allowed to be purchased on the T&E card. 

You will book the traveling companion as a guest in a separate reservation with a personal credit card. The cloning feature will be helpful for you to ensure you are booked on the same flights. It is recommended that you email and ask to have your reservations cross-referenced so the airlines know you are traveling together. You may also call CBT's full-service agents by calling 1-844-4UVA-CBT (844-488-2228, M-F 8:00 am - 9:00 pm) to assure you are on the same flights with seat assignments together.

Conference Hotels

How do I book a conference hotel?

Conference hotels cannot be booked through Concur. If you are booking other travel such as airfare, a full-service agent at CBT can book a conference hotel for you. If you only need the hotel reservation you can book that directly through the conference.

Government Rates

Are government rates available for hotels?

Yes. Some hotels offer government rates to federal and state government employees while others offer these reduced rates only to federal employees. Before reserving a room at a government rate, check the terms on the hotel's site. If the traveler does not qualify, the reduced government rate may not be honored at check-in.

UVA employees may book a state government rate if booking a hotel within Virginia. For hotels outside of Virginia, UVA employees will not qualify for the state government rates.


Can groups be booked in Concur?

Groups of 10 passengers or more would need to call CBT's group department at 844-4UVA-CBT (844-488-2228) M-F 8am - 9pm. There is a tiered booking fee schedule for groups. 

Negotiated fees are lower per person when booked as a group, than making arrangements individually with a full-service agent.

Group travel cannot be booked through TravelUVA online.

Domestic - Group Air Only Per Person Booking Fees:

10-25 Travelers (same itinerary) $23
26-50 Travelers (same itinerary) $22
51+ Travelers (same itinerary) $20


International - Group Air Only Per Person Booking Fees:

10-25 Travelers (same itinerary) $33
26-50 Travelers (same itinerary) $32
51+ Travelers (same itinerary)


Guest Bookings

How can I book travel for a guest in Concur?

Book as you would for an employee, except you would select "Book for a guest" instead of "Booking for myself" in the trip search box and you will need to complete the personal information since the guest will not have a traveler profile.

Mixing Airlines

My flight has more than one airline. Is this okay?

It is not recommended to mix carriers especially on the same direction of a trip i.e. if you are traveling from Charlottesville to Los Angeles with a connection in Chicago. It is not a good idea to travel on American Airlines from Charlottesville to Chicago and Delta from Chicago to Los Angeles. The airlines do not always work well together so if you have a delay on one which causes you to miss the next flight the second airline may not be as likely to help since it was not their fault that you missed their flight. This could also require you to claim and re-check baggage in a connecting city, which could result in a missed connection.

Often flight itineraries will have an outbound flight on one airline and a return on another. This is less risky as long as you travel. However, if you need to cancel your ticket, you will have two separate credits, therefore potentially have two separate change fees to reuse your credits. Whenever possible it is best to book your round trip ticket on the same airline.

Name Changes

Do airlines allow name changes?

The standard answer is no. There are exceptions in group travel and the like.


How can I change my name in Concur?

When you complete your profile the first time you will see that your first and last name are pre-populated. This information is transferred from the UVA HR feed to CBT. You will need to add your middle name so that your name in Concur matches the form of identification with which you will be traveling exactly. If you will be traveling internationally, be sure your name matches your passport. If you will only be traveling domestically, make sure your name matches your driver's license. If you make a mistake when entering your name or you need to make a change to the name field of your profile please email the UVA travel office. If your legal name changes, please contact the HR specialist in your department.

Personal Travel

Can I book personal travel in Concur?

The official answer is no. However, some of our travel vendors offer discounts to employees for personal travel.

  • Rental Cars- You may utilize UVA's Contract ID Number for leisure/personal rentals to obtain discounts on rental cars. You can find these codes on the Travel Contracts page. 
  • Vacation Packages- American Airlines & Delta Airlines both offer discounted vacation packages to UVA employees. You can find the links to these programs on the Travel Contracts page. 

*For information on companion travel, please see the "Companion Travel" section above.


How secure is my personal information?

Concur requires entry through NetBadge to access the application. All personal data, such as date of birth and credit card numbers, once entered into your profile, is masked. This information is transferred to the airlines but neither your travel delegates nor any of the agents at CBT can see your personal data.

Unused Tickets

I have an unused ticket on file in Concur. How do I apply that to the purchase of a new ticket?

Select a new itinerary on the same airline as your ticket credit. Complete your reservation as usual. When the ticketing agent at CBT fulfills your ticket order they will apply your credit and charge any applicable change fee to your credit card on file. If there is a residual value left over, that will appear in your unused ticket list in AirPortal. If your credit is all used it will disappear from your unused ticket list. Some airlines allow a residual credit and some do not. Some allow the change fee to be taken out of the credit and some require you to pay it separately.


For questions related to specific rules and name changes on a ticket affected by COVID-19, please email


Can I upgrade my seat in Concur?

No, you will need to contact the airline directly to purchase a seat upgrade. If you book with a full-service agent they can arrange an upgrade for you.