Travel and Coronavirus/ COVID-19

The University has provided guidance on domestic and international travel:

*Visit TravelUVA's COVID-19 Resources page for information on how to stay safe while traveling. 


Q. Are there restrictions on University travel?

A. Domestic Travel: 

Effective May 20, 2021, University community members are permitted to conduct University-related domestic travel, as long as they follow CDC guidelines, which call for individuals to be fully vaccinated before they travel.


International Travel: 

Effective June 16, 2021, the University will lift the previous prohibition on University-related international travel for faculty and staff and replace it with a new policy requiring employees to register all such travel on the University’s International Travel Registry. Please register as soon as possible after booking your travel. University faculty and staff no longer need to seek prior approval for international travel from the Vice Provost for Global Affairs, and the email address for requesting such approval will close. University employees who have already received approval for international travel under the previous policy will be contacted soon for additional information to complete their registrations and will not need to take any further action.  

Faculty and staff who undertake international travel will be responsible for assessing the safety of their planned itineraries in consultation with their supervisors, drawing on resources provided in the policy. They will also be responsible for abiding by the University’s regulations governing international travel, especially regarding export controls and travel to sanctioned countries. In addition, University employees are required to abide by Center for Disease Control guidelines for international travel during COVID-19 before, during, and after such travel, including by being fully vaccinated before undertaking travel. More information on the University’s travel policy is available here. An update on the University’s approach to UVA-related student travel can be found here

*Travel canceled due to the University’s guidance will be available for reimbursement to the employee, from departmental funds. Follow directions to obtain waivers and refunds from airlines and hotels, to minimize the cost to your department. For any grant-related travel, please contact your grant administrator.


Q. Are there restrictions on visitors?

A. Effective at midnight, May 28, 2021, University policy will no longer restrict visitors from outside the University. Consistent with University policy, all visitors should follow University face covering requirements if they are unvaccinated. 

Please see University Policy SEC-045: COVID-19 Health & Safety Requirement – Face Masks, Physical Distancing, Events and Gatherings, and Visitors for details.