Getting Started

How do I get in?

You can access the system by clicking on the "Launch ExpenseUVA" button on the main expense page. Be aware that the system resides behind Netbadge. 

ExpenseUVA is designed to be used with desktop and mobile devices that have internet access. 

Here's how it works

  1. Expense Owners or their delegate uploads receipts. This can be done either within the system, through sending the receipt by email, or by using the CR Snap app to directly upload receipts to your account.
  2. Expense owners or delegates prepare the expense report, adding details such as expense type, descriptions, PTAO, and other pertinent information. The system ensures that expenses adhere to UVA policy and provides guidance when policy requirements are triggered.
  3. Once all the required information is in the system, the report is then submitted.
  4. ExpenseUVA will automatically route the expense report to the appropriate fiscal personnel who are responsible for reviewing and approving the expenses.

Uploading receipts

There are three options for uploading receipts:

  1. Scan your receipt and upload the file in ExpenseUVA
  2. Email your receipt (from your UVA email address) to This must be sent from your primary email address. Alias email addresses will not be recognized
  3. Download the CR Snap app. Once you are signed into the app, any photos of receipts taken in this app will be automatically populated for you in ExpenseUVA

Basic navigation tips

Here are a few quick tips that will get you started navigating the system and finding your way!

  1. The three-bar menu button in the top left corner will link to your expense reports pending approval, as well as any reports in draft and returned status.
  2. To create a new report, click the New button from the main menu to begin the process.
  3. When creating an expense report, use the white plus button to add a new expense line to the report. 
  4. The system is tile-based. When searching for the appropriate tile, click on a tile to see all the options available for that tile.

Additional Resources

We hope this quick guide will help get you started, but there is still so much to learn about ExpenseUVA and everything the system has to offer. You can find additional resources on our job-aid page which gives you guides to help you achieve specific tasks.