Expense Frequent Questions

ExpenseUVA is used by a lot of employees across the University for many different types of expenses and scenarios. As we have received feedback, this section helps answers some of the frequent questions we received. If you have a question, often times other users have experienced the same scenario. Please review this list for your questions first.

If you have a specific question that is not addressed here, we still want to hear from you! Email us at travel@virginia.edu and we will be happy to help you.

Can I delegate my work to someone else?

  1. Yes, there is training here and a job aid here about this question.

  2. Your ambassador can also help you with this task.

How many delegates can I have?

  1. For Expense, you can have as many delegates as you wish. The delegate can complete your travel reimbursements and your T&E Card reconciliations.
  2. For Approval you can only have one delegate.

Is there a deadline for submitting expenses?

Yes, you have 30 days from the date of expense to submit reimbursement.

I booked tickets for a conference 3 months in advance; when should I apply for reimbursement?

You can only apply for reimbursement after the travel has been complete. We encourage you to consider checking out our T&E card program for travel expenses. You can make these types of purchases and expense them immediately without any out of pocket expenses to you!

What if my area ambassador changes jobs or retires?

The Ambassador database maintained by the Travel & Expense Team catches these instances so that a new Ambassador can be chosen and trained. Please contact us at travel@virginia.edu if there is a change you are aware of.

What if I don't know my PTAO?

Check with your Fiscal Approver. You can also search in Chrome River using any part of the PTAO to locate it.

I know UVA policy is built in the system, but what about my department's policy, which is different?

The system will not allow a report to advance through the system if it isn't in compliance with UVA policy, and the approvers in your area will check for department level compliance issues.

How do you pay a research participant if the individual is an employee?

Human Subject payments for employees cannot be processed through ExpenseUVA. The employee must register using the UVA Marketplace Registration Portal and payment should be made using the payment voucher including the IRB number.

If reimbursing for a conference registration that I paid for in advance can I put that expense on the travel expense report so that I can keep all of the travel expenses together?

Yes, you can include the conference registration receipt with the travel expense report even if the date of the receipt was purchased in advance. The system will not look at the date of the conference registration receipt and stop you from submitting within the travel start and travel end date.

How does ExpenseUVA know that the receipts and/or approval requests I sent via email came from me?

ExpenseUVA uses your fully qualified email address (i.e. @eservices.virginia.edu or @darden.virginia.edu) to identify the sender of emailed receipts or approval responses. It is important that you use your fully qualified email address to send emails to ExpenseUVA. If you are using an alias (i.e. Joe@virginia.edu), ExpenseUVA will be unable to match those receipts or approval responses to your record. If you wish to continue using an alias, you will need to use other options for getting receipts in the system (i.e. scanning and uploading directly into ExpenseUVA) and for responding to approval requests (i.e. signing in and approving in ExpenseUVA).


Also, check out the new CR Snap app on iOS or android. This will allow you to take a picture with your phone and be automatically connected to your account.

Are there expenses for which ExpenseUVA CANNOT be used to pay employees?

ExpenseUVA cannot be used for the following:

  • Make cash payments to employees: unless the employee has incurred out of pocket costs for business expense.

  • Royalties and human subject (research participation) payments: To receive these types of payment the employee must register in UVA Marketplace Registration Portal and payment should be made using the payment voucher including the IRB number.

  • Revenue Refunds: To receive this type of payment, the employee must register in the UVA Marketplace Registration Portal and be paid by a Payment Voucher in the Integrated System.

  • Direct purchase of services from an individual or sole proprietor using your personal credit card/cash/check. Per University policy, employees cannot be reimbursed for these types of purchases - these must be made with a purchase order or the Travel and Expense Card to ensure tax compliance.

How long do I need to keep receipts after I upload to ExpenseUVA?

Once you have uploaded the document into the system and verified its legibility, you can destroy the paper copy. 

For more details from records management can be found here.

When creating an expense report for Airfare, Lodging & Rail should the expense owner enter anything in the description field?

Yes, they should include the traveler’s name, location of the trip and the date of the trip so that this information will feed onto the reports for reconciliation

How do I expense the purchase of gifts for employees and/or non-employees?

  • Employee gifts (excluding gift cards) should either be charged to Employee Award Non-Taxable or Employee Award Taxable. If taxable, you must select each employee that received a gift. If the expense owner did not receive one of the gifts, make sure to remove their name from the guest list.

  • Gift cards are taxable at any amount. Please use expense tile Gifts Non-Employee or Employee Award Taxable (whichever is appropriate) no matter the amount of the gift card.

  • Non-employee gifts must be charged to Gifts Non-Employee and you must enter the information for each recipient.

  • If you purchase gifts in one transaction for both employees and non-employees, you must enter the expenses on separate lines and use the receipt twice, once for each line.

What do I do if there is a fraudulent expense on my T & E card?

First of all, you should contact Bank of America right away and report the fraudulent expense. You should then expense the fraudulent expense, using the correct expense type, to a “standard” department PTAO. The system will require you to enter a justification for not having a receipt, to which you should state that the transaction was fraudulent and that you have filed a report with Bank of America for credit. Once you receive the credit, you should expense the credit to the same expense type and the same PTAO as the initial expense.

What is the tax rate and procedure for day trip meals?

Use the day trip meals tile in ExpenseUVA. The traveler will be taxed through payroll for FICA only at 7.65%. The amount of the meal will be added to the traveler's W2 as income and will be taxed for federal and state when the travel completes annual tax returns.


How can I delete a line in ExpenseUVA?

In an open expense report, highlight the line you wish to delete. In the top right corner click the Delete button. If there is no Delete button, in the case of an itemized hotel line, click on the three dots which will give you a drop down menu. Delete will be an option in this menu. If the three dots are not visible on your screen, minimize the window by clicking the minimize window icon in the top right corner of the screen. You may also need to drag the window with the mouse to a smaller size until the three dots appear.

Can I combine per diem meals and travel actual meals in the same trip?

No. You must claim per diem or travel actual meals for the entire trip. If you have a business meal during a trip when claiming per diem, you must deduct the meal from the per diem and claim a business meal.

Which expense tile should I use for sympathy flowers and gifts?

Sympathy flowers (i.e. for funerals, etc.) are not taxable at any amount. Please use Employee Award – nontaxable even if the arrangement is over $100. The IRS considers flowers provided under special circumstances as a de minimis fringe benefit so therefore not taxable.

How do I expense gift cards?

Gift cards must be purchased either through the UVA Marketplace or using a Travel and Expense Card. University employees are not allowed to purchase gift cards with personal funds and seek reimbursement. Gift cards are taxable at any amount. Please use expense tile Gifts Non-Employee or Employee Award Taxable (whichever is appropriate) no matter the amount of the gift card. For Medical Center or UPG Employees who have received gift cards, please use expense type Gifts Non-Employee

A One Time Payment Entry must be submitted in Workday for any employee gift over $100 or gift card in any amount. The internal guest picker in Chrome River does not replace this Workday entry.

How do I keep internal and/or external interview candidates private but reimburse for Business Meals?

  1. For business meals paid for by employee/department for another employee (name CAN be disclosed), example: you took your team out with a guest speaker at a conference, academic employees are treated as internal guest and you will be able to search for their name in ExpenseUVA.

  2. For business meals paid for by employee/department for External guests (name CAN be disclosed), example: you have a guest speaker that you took out to lunch, you will be prompted to list their First Name, Last name, Title, and Company Name in ExpenseUVA.

  3. For business meals paid for by employee/department for External guests (name CANNOT be disclosed), example: academic division employee or external candidate for a job interview, enter as an external guess even if an employee (in the case of a job interview candidate). Enter “Private” in all fields except in the field for the first name, enter “Candidate, Initial of the first name and initial of last name” to indicate the private guest/s. For example: Candidate John Doe can be entered as Candidate JD in the system.

How should I use the expense tile Student Program Costs?

Student Program Costs are costs associated with a student program funded by student tuition and fees. This tile can be used as an all-inclusive expense type instead of itemizing to individual expenditure types.